A Glance Inside the Club

This door is the entrance to Little MANUELA.
When you open this thick door, the hot notes of Jazz will come out, welcoming you.

The moment when the woes of your busy day disappears and you feel refreshed.

The club is not large. Whenever there are private celebrations such as birthdays and promotions, we ask everyone who happens to visit to join in, but it becomes very crowded when more than 40 guests honor these occasions.

We had this kind of crowd every night 15 years ago.

These days, though, weekdays are fairly quiet. You can sing as much as you want to. It is also very good for having quiet talks and relaxing drinks.


When you come in, you will see the piano with a counter around it on the right.

Professional musicians play the piano and bass every night. There is also a drum set, so any guests who are itching to show off his/her skills are very welcome to do so any time.


Mitsuo Nakata

Makoto Arai
Kazuhi Oosumi
Wataru Fujita

The interior of the club as seen from the piano player's seat (the owner sees to the needs of the guests from here). The decor is monotone and relaxing but sophisticated.

We have to warn you, though, that many of the guests of this club are smokers. We are sorry for the non-smokers about this, but please bear with us.

Enough stories abound on Jazz and cigarettes.

Looking out to the box seats from the bar counter.

It must be pretty late at night. Someone who is deep in thought makes a refined and attractive picture.