2004 Little MANUELA Christmas Party (12.23)

The year 2004 is already into the holiday season, and Christmas, along with Little MANUELAfs annual Christmas party, has come and gone. Decemberfs Partyfs Party was incorporated into the Christmas party, as it was last year.
One note: The Webmaster had an unexpected incident, and ended up missing this yearfs Christmas event, so, the Translator of this site has stepped in to cover as the reporter. I hope I can measure up to the lively and fun articles that the Webmaster always produces.

Everybody ready for the Little MANUELA Christmas Party? Okay, letfs GO!

The MC is Sawada-san as always.
No party starts without him.

Herefs the official cameraman for every Little MANUELA event.

Tonightfs musicians.
They all are tops.


Christmas has no meaning without gMother and Childh.
Here is Little MANUELAfs own mother and child, the missus and daughter of the owner.
Herefs the Partyfs Party host trio.
What are they conspiring tonight?
Or is there a lovely lady on the other side of the room?
Teacher and students. Of what? Youfll find out in a bit more.

Tonightfs Singing Swinging Section

The top batter is alwaysc


And the second from the ladies.

So many more that only a sample can be shown.

©@Both song and dance




The Masked Man strikes again tonight.
« (Kubota)

Her song knocks them boys out flat.
Sax and Drummer Boy cut it loose.
Only one chorus group this year which made things a bit less colorful than usual.

Tonightfs Attraction

To compensate for having only one chorus group appear, the Little MANUELA Dancers made their debut tonight!
Music, the tap classic, g42nd Streeth.
These three gals gawked at the musical play that toured Japan this summer, and sneaked into the cast party held at Little MANUELA. Come hell or fire, they never missed Ms. Kitazakifs classes, and finally made it to this day.
See how theyfve turned out.

No 2.
The hero of the night, Matsu-Ken, oops, Matsu-Kiyo Samba, the hit of the year.
The back dancers are the newly debuted LMD - Little MANUELA Dancers.
Everybody dance to the samba rhythm, Ole!

After the dance, letfs sing again!
Katsue-san, how does it feel to have Prince Matsu-Kiyo kneel at your feet?

Roll Call!! Everybody present?
The party closes with everyone singing
gWhite Christmash
A big hand for the staff, and so sorry that therefs no pic of them.
Murayama-kun, thank you always for the delicious dishes you prepare for us!

After word: Sorry that the report is late in coming. But, this yearfs party was as fun and great as always. Dear full-of-fun-and-play Webmaster, we missed you at the party, keep well and please donft miss it next year!


X'mas 2003