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Beginners Are Welcome
Music scores and lyric cards are abundant

Little MANUELA has on hand over 1,000 music scores and lyric cards of standard Jazz, pops, and American hit songs. Scores and lyrics of famous chansons and canzone are also available.

Japanese songs, popular or otherwise, and classical songs such as operatic arias cannot be sung. The sole condition is to sing American and European songs in their original languages.
An experienced accompanist will assist you

The owner, Mitsuo Nakata has had plenty of experience in accompanying various singers ever since opening Little MANUELA. Beginners are encouraged to sing without any worries.
As is often said, "Easy is as easy does." He adjusts his accompaniment to any and everyone.

Bring along your own music score

If you have your own music scores, bring them with you, and you will be able to sing your song in your own style. Experienced singers can sing any song adjusting easily to the various accompaniments. This is because improvisation is one of the characteristics of Jazz.

With Jazz, the music keys used often are keys in flats (major keys in C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, minor keys in Am, Dm, Cm, Fm). This is because brass instruments such as trumpets and saxophones that are often played in Jazz music are easier to play in the flat keys.

Accompaniment will be to your natural voice range

Do not worry if you don't have your own music score, the piano will be played to match your natural voice range. There are those endowed with high voices, those endowed with low voices. With the classics, one is not allowed to change the original key of the music, but with Jazz, it is normal to change the keys to match your voice. Even if you cannot sing with the CD because the range is too high, you will be able to sing the song when the key is adjusted to match your voice range

Listen repeatedly to CDs

CDs are good examples and material for learning. There are countless CDs of outstanding singers such as Frank Sinatra. Listen often and well to the songs you like, and learn them through the CDs first. Everyone starts out copying their favorite singers.

Jazz vocal lessons

The owner gives Jazz vocal lessons for beginners.

In most cases, you may have only sung to "karaoke" in front of others. It is probably even more rare that you have had the experience of singing English songs.

Jazz vocal lessons can be arranged before the club hours for those who wish to take lessons. The owner will coach you. They are not the kind of formal vocal lessons given at Jazz schools sponsored by professional musicians. Feel free to ask anytime you are looking for advice and want to improve your songs.