Guests from Abroad

Many foreign artists have been guests at Little MANUELA, though snap shots of some do not exist, so we cannot show all of them to you. Our regular guests often bring these artists as their own guests to Little MANUELA.

Here are some who have visited us.

Salena Jones will not sing while under contract, being very conscientious of her voice.

Little MANUELA must have appealed to her, and saying that there is no such club so nice in London, sang "Cheek to Cheek" before leaving.

Salena Jones, Oct. 1999

The 2nd time that Salena visited Little MANUELA, Freddie Cole, Nat King Cole's younger brother also came in.

They were surprised and delighted, and exclaimed that it was unbelievable that they would run into each other so far from their respective homes.

Mr. Mitsuo Godo is good friends with Freddie Cole, and comes with him every time Freddie is in Tokyo.

The snap below is of the live show by the Freddie Cole Trio in the late 1990's.

Salena and Freddie Cole, Dec. 2001
Freddie Cole Trio

Craig Thompson is an up-and-coming singer who has his own big band and is based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

He was invited to sing at HRH Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, along with such greats as Paul McCartney. He himself was very surprised about this. His blues are really something.

Craig Thompson(Big-T), Apr. 2002

This is very old, but here's Stevie Wonder. Now, couldn't those who are photographed with him been looking a bit more smarter?

Take a look at the young guy on the front left. This is the owner, Mitsuo Nakata, ages ago.

Stevie Wonder, long long ago

John Hicks is a modern Jazz pianist who was the pianist for the Jazz Messengers.

He visited us when Suzie Kuroiwa, who resides in Sapporo was on a Japan-wide tour, had a get together at the end of her Tokyo performance at Little MANUELA. John's quartet had accompanied her. One of our long time guests, Mr. Ono is an avid Suzie fan, and brought the entire troupe to Little MANUELA.

John's favorite song is "A Beautiful Friendship" and he asked "Won't some one join me?" so the Webmaster is confirming the lyrics with him before playing.

John Hicks, 1998

One ??? Ambassador to Japan.
Who and where he is from is a secret, just in case there is any fall out on the webmaster and the owner.

If his name becomes public, he won't be able to visit us anymore.

??? Ambassador to Japan

The Welcome Reception for the Four Freshmen took place at Little MANUELA.

The details are in a separate page, so please take a look there.

The Four Freshmen, group #22, Nov. 30, 2002

These two came with Jimmy Scott(above) for his live shows in Japan. Hill takes charge as music director of Jimmy Scott & The Expressions. They have been in Japan so many times that they speak Japanese fluently.

They had a live show this night at B-flat in Akasaka. The Webmaster has tickets for their show two nights later.The Webmaster had heard that they would visit Little Manuela after the show, so went along to the club that had plenty of room this night

Jimmy Scott is a legendary Jazz singer in his late 70s.These two back him as accompanists.Ms. Katsue Yoshida met them in New York, and invited them to come to Little Manuela this night.

Hilliard (Hill) Greene (Bassist), 2003.07.22
Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax (Drummer), 2003.07.22

Adam Rogers, who was in Japan to assist the "Dreams Come True", a well-known Japanese pops band, as their guitarist, had attended this night's Little Jimmy Scott show.

He came along with them. He played his guitar with a gentle touch. Katsue-san sang her favorite songs, and this night, she was at her best. She has really turned out great.

Adam Rogers (Guitarist), 2003.07.22

The cast party of "The Musical 42nd Street" took place at Little MANUELA on August 5, 2004.

    Details here!


One of Bing Crosby's grandson came to Little Manuela.

Ms. Shihozawa guided him around and brought him here as well.

With him are his fellow musicians, bassist and drummer.

Bing Crosby's grandson, 2004/11/11

Wanted: the snap shot of Doris Troy

Doris Troy is a great soul music singer. The musical "Mama I Want to Sing," based on her own life story came to Tokyo, and after the show ended, she did a live show at Little MANUELA.
Doris Troy