First Session Day
The weather on Saturday, May 31st was really something. Heavy rain and strong winds from the morning because of a typhoon, something unheard of in May, the last one was long enough ago to be history. The Webmaster made a call to find out that the only guest was a "decoy".

I went off to check things out at 7:00 PM. One guest was there to join the sessions. A fine piano player, someone the Webmaster had met before and knew, Hirai-san.

Owner Mitsuo Nakata(p), Katsuhiko Makishima(b), Masatoshi Ikegai(d), a gorgeous trio was waiting for everyone to come, but no one can beat nature.

I guess everyone had second thoughts about having to drag along an umbrella as well as their instruments. The horoscope for this day must have been bad for Manuela.

The decoy guest said, "I'm a decoy."
"Then, I'm the hound dog."
"So where's the hunter, then we can go a-hunting."

Now, what kind of conversation is this? Befitting for an historic day, though, don't you think?

Hirai-san at the piano. Listening is another "decoy", oops, no the hunter.

It was a strange day, and the decoy ended up singing.
The next time, remember, "All crews assemble!"

MANUELA TIDBITS by the J to E translater of this site.